A SCHOOL leader has issued a warning after a second incident involving a child with a knife in just over twelve months.

Associate headteacher of The Mountbatten School Christopher Cox has urged the community to stop allowing children access to "banned materials" after police were called to the Romsey school for the second time in a year.

Officers were called to the school on July 2 after reports that a child had a knife at the Whitenap Lane school.

Now parents have voiced their concern- while one Hampshire councillor said it's "a national issue."

Speaking to the Daily Echo a parent of a 13 year old Mountbatten School pupil said: "It's a real concern. The pupil was showing off that they had a knife while he was on the bus.

"It's the fact that he brought it to school. These kids are 13 years old. "The police came immediately but my question is this: how long was it going to be before such an incident occurs at a local school?

"Now other pupils may want to arm themselves in case this sort of incident occurs again, and where are we leading our children in the lessons of right and wrong?

"This is a different world to when us as parents were growing up.

"Now it’s all online, violent games and gun culture. This has to be stopped. England must not become a small version of America."

Councillor for Romsey Extra Alison Johnston added: "I think there is a national issue here but I have every confidence in the team at Mountbatten School."

Speaking to the Echo Mr Cox said no body was injured in the incident.

But he added: "No school can be complacent on this issue; there is a societal challenge with knives.

"Our students know they will lose their place at the school if they bring any banned material onto the site. It is incumbent on shopkeepers and parents to make sure that young people do not have access to anything which may adversely affect their child’s well-being and or safety.

"Children who had been shown the item quickly brought this to the attention of staff and the item was confiscated and stored for the police to collect.

"Students have been thanked and praised in assembly for speedily reporting matters to staff."

As reported in March last year police were called when a boy threatened another with a knife inside the school.

A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: "We were called at 10.07am yesterday (Monday 2 July) with reports that a child had a knife at Mountbatten School, Romsey.

"The item was confiscated by staff. No threats have been reported to police.

"Police are liaising with the school to establish the circumstances.

MP for Romsey North Caroline Nokes did not respond to a request for comment.