ON JUNE 5, Emma Warren wrote a letter titled “No excuse for foul language in the afternoon”.

I totally agree with her when she says she doesn’t expect to be blasted with swear words while shopping with her toddler at 4.45pm in the afternoon. She had this experience when she was walking past Sobar in Bevious Valley.

In fact nobody should have to put up with this type of nuisance and I do feel for Mrs Warren and her little child. This reminded me of what Christmas is like in the precinct of Southampton.

What should be a magical time for parents, children, grandparents and grandchildren is spoilt by the monstrosity of the bar/pub/outdoor drinking area that is erected every year. So much room is taken up by it and guiding your children and grandchildren around it is like trekking through a pub garden. Forget the Christmas songs and jingles loved at that time of year, instead there is loud pub music, raucous laughter (well Christmas should be fun!) and swearing, all typical of a pub atmosphere.

I’m not a party pooper and do go to pubs but there’s a time and a place for everything.

Why can’t someone have the sense and put it ‘below bar’. Plenty of room and out of the way from Christmas shoppers and out of earshot of us who just want to shop and soak up the atmosphere. Everybody’s happy!

So sorry for bringing Christmas up in June, but Emma Warren’s letter really hit a point. Anyway, Christmas cards will be in the shops by August, if not before, so it won’t be long.

Southampton City Council, take note of Winchester at Christmas!

Mrs S Jones