RESIDENTS are fed up with the lack of action on clean air from successive administrations of both Southampton City Council and the government.

All we hear about are task forces, networks and strategies.

As your editorial rightly points out, it seems that drastic action is now needed. Why? Because over so many years – decades residents tell us – all they've offered is talk and delay. And they are only talking about drastic measures now because the courts are forcing them to.

No park-and-ride like other local cities. No clean air. No leadership. And the council approves more warehouses and HGVs and brings more pollution from the sea, from the land and from the air.

All their pathetic measures have delivered thus far are more illness and death.

This is proven by the council's own reports, including one that went to cabinet on Tuesday when it considered the Clean Air Zone. It states that parts of Southampton, and Redbridge in particular, have respiratory illnesses above the average for Southampton, including for children at our local schools that are next to major roads.

Once again, it is Labour or Tory, same old story. It is no wonder, then, that both the Labour and Tory leaders were both voted out at the council elections last month.

Labour almost lost the Redbridge seat to Southampton independents and control of the council. There were only 199 votes that prevented both from happening.

Nobody cares really who pays for the measures, but it should not be those who can least afford it.

Don't residents and businesses pay enough council tax and business rates already?

Councillor Andrew Pope

Southampton independent councillor for Redbridge Ward