SOUTHAMPTON city is one of five cities in the UK with the most polluted air.

This filthy air is breathed in daily by all of us living here. It causes serious damage to health, including damage to lungs eg cancer and emphysema, also bronchitis and irritation of eyes nose and throat and even brain damage – a long-term effect.

Modern vehicles with cleaner engines have been around for some time now and haulage companies have known about them. Perhaps they should be firmly encouraged to switch now. It will soon be compulsory anyway.

You report the owner of one haulage company as asking why the public weren’t being charged too. Yes indeed – why not? Why not give free parking to non-diesel cars?

We need to quickly wake up to reality. Polluted air kills people and adversely affects the lives of many others. Let’s not delay, let’s put health first.

E. Counihan