I WAS pleased to learn that the London Assembly has called on government for a change in the law, so that drivers will have to report accidents involving cats to the police.

Currently, this is mandatory for dogs and farm animals killed or injured on the road.

The capital's legislative body is also demanding that councils be required to scan dead cats found at the roadside, for microchips, so that owners can be informed. Feline equality is long overdue.

In the same week, the Echo reported that the person originally dubbed 'The Croydon Cat Killer'

has now struck in Southampton.

One would hope for this psychotic scumbag's rampage to be brought to an end, but it seems that while Hampshire police 'have been notified, they are not actively investigating' the case.

Not very encouraging, except for the perpetrator, traces of whose DNA may have been left on some of his victims.

Colin Hingston

Luccombe Road, Southampton