IN RESPONSE to the letters regarding the city being a dump, I would say that I myself have been in correspondence with Cllr Rayment who, on the subject of verges, blames the weather. Re potholes, blames cutbacks. And regarding the £114 paid to the council to deal with rats coming into my garden, states that we have rats across the city and does not address the fact that we still have rats in the area despite our payment to them.

I feel it is not just the council we should blame for the litter, but the residents who just throw their litter in the street. If we had more bins, this might encourage people to use them but the council needs to have a campaign of education in schools, colleges and universities (as we have a large number of students within the city) to instil the importance of a clean city in which we can all take a pride.

Rubbish strewn about increases the chance of rats and this is not a good look for visitors to our city.

We all need to work together but the council must lead effectively.

Angela Coady