IN REPLY to reply to Jo Cox (letters, June 8).

Many thanks for your input into the state that you feel is acceptable for our war graves. No, I was not electioneering or political posturing, I'm an ex soldier who went to our local cemetery to pay my respects in this the 100th year of remembrance.

Was it then wrong for me to complain at the state I found the war graves in as well as the cemetery itself? You only had to observe on social media the number of complaints that has been filed for the state of all our cemeteries and yet we get the same reply – it's due to the advance growth of grasses due to the weather.

Well it was never like that as a child walking through Hollybrook, if you even stood on the grass if not visiting you were asked to leave.

Since this Labour group has sacked nearly all the ground staff who used to do a wonderful job, they have cut the staff so low they cannot cope – that is the real truth behind this yearly debatable state about our cemeteries.

Just next to your letter was another complaint – is that person to be slated as well for caring? Just for the record, my first port of call was to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.