DESPICABLE speed trap on M27.

At the weekend I witnessed a most unpleasant misuse of speed cameras on the M27, near junction one.

This week follows a bank holiday and half-term and the children's return to school on Monday. As such, the roads from Cornwall, Devon and Dorset had returning holiday-makers all moving very slowly on the A roads throughout these three major counties and all feeding onto the M27.

Motorists had hours of traffic jams to reach this point which represented the first three-lane motorway, some had travelled up to four or five hours.

The traffic was very heavy over the New Forest as it opened out onto the M27. However, a speed camera van had been positioned on a bridge a mile on in order to catch all motorists exceeding 70 miles an hour.

I know this stretch of motorway particularly well, it is a very safe stretch but that day almost all of the cars entering onto the motorway after traffic jams could be relied upon (from a revenue generation point) to exceed 70mph.

However as a very experienced motorist, they appeared to be driving sensibly and safely just over 70mph in good space and perfect weather conditions. Either side of the M27 lay country roads with difficult bends where speeding danger is a major problem.

Now I have heard many discussions about the speed camera vans as a form of revenue generation more than road safety within Hampshire, but I have never ever seen such a blatant misuse of what we would all agree is an important piece of safety equipment, in order to purely generate revenue and blacken drivers' records unnecessarily.

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