I suspect a lady somewhere is deeply saddened at the loss of her bicycle.

I believe her classic 1980's Raleigh Misty bicycle was probably stolen and dumped at the foot of a flight of public steps in Bitterne.

I have recovered her bicycle which is in very good condition apart from two broken mudguards and would love to reunite it with its rightful owner.

Unfortunately the police could not help. Apparently they get so many bike thefts reported each day, they no longer do anything about it. They advised me to take it to the tip or keep it for myself!

I know what it is like to have a cherished bicycle stolen and would prefer to return it to its owner.

However, if it is not claimed in the next week or so, I will repair the mudguards and sell it to raise funds for my charity, Barrett's Wessex.

If you know the owner of this bike, please ask them to phone me on 07771 567009. I will ask a couple of questions about the bike the rightful owner will know and arrange to get it delivered to her.

Chris Robinson

Chairman of Barrett's Wessex charity