IN THE Echo (May 21) the subject of safe standing has risen again.

I am fiercely opposed to the Taylor Report in 1990 being undone and going back to standing on the terraces in certain areas.

The majority of football supporters, including myself, still recall the Hillsborough Football Stadium disaster back in 1989 and the tragic loss of 96 innocent supporters and 766 injuries.

The Taylor Report that followed this awful event decreed that all-seater stadiums were required in the two top tiers of English football.

It would be a huge insult to the families of the dead and injured to allow so called safe standing ever again.

Southampton FC are totally against this proposal. The councillor Andrew Pope, Denise Wyatt and Jon Darch, operator of the roadshow, should hang their heads in shame.

I would bet money that if one of their family were among the dead and injured on that fateful day, their views would be different.

Also, the same goes for any Saints supporters who consider this proposal is okay.

I hope that common sense, dignity and respect for those awful deaths caused by crush injuries see this proposal rightfully fail.

Paddy Sketcher

Isle of Wight