WE ARE very lucky to have some excellent country parks in Hampshire. I am very sure that most people will be thrilled to see the improvements made to places like Lepe, where facilities have recently been much improved.

I have no problem with Hampshire County Council charging a car parking fee and for profits made from operating the facilities on site to be re-invested so that our country parks are financially sustainable.

However, I don’t agree with, Councillor Roy Perry, the Tory Leader of Hampshire County Council, who suggested at the full council meeting that he would like to see the country parks turning a profit so that the money could be used for other areas of council expenditure.

I take the view that the country parks are really owned by us, the people of Hampshire. We should all be able to access them and enjoy them on a cost neutral basis.

I can understand the temptation to try and squeeze extra money out of taxpayers to fund other services, especially as funding from central government reduces to nothing, but it would be an unjust tax on healthy lifestyles.

Councillor David Harrison

Leader, New Forest District Liberal Democrats