JUST in case Les Read hasn’t noticed, a very talented young player we loaned to Fulham for the rest of the season is performing brilliantly for a team that is surely heading to the Premier League: unbeaten in 17 games!

It is astonishing to hear him say that he has heard nothing from Saints since leaving in January. I think he suspects that the two clubs will be changing places next season and it is doubtful he will return.

All this at a time when when players we have signed for big money are shrugging their shoulders and are clearly not too bothered about winning.

Our club is going backwards at a fair rate of knots led by two people who have totally lost the plot. I would not be surprised to see us tumbling back down the leagues.

Terry Butler

West End

HOW can Southampton Football Club allow a player like Matt Targett’s contract to run out and not keep in contact with him while he is on loan to Fulham?

Before he got injured, he played in the first team and looked a good young player coming in to the team. He is now doing a great job for Fulham and has not lost in 14 games for them.

It shows how bad the people running our club are and why we are in the mess we are in. We should not allow him to slip through the net, he is too good a player to let go.

We the supporters want Matt to stay a Saint and play for us.

Barry Moorman