PROTESTERS are set to gather in Southampton this evening to protest missile strikes carried out by the UK in Syria.

Organised by the Stop the War Coalition and Southampton People's Assembly, the campaigners will meet outside the Civic Centre at 5pm.

They argue that the stakes are "extremely high" regarding the situation in the war-torn country, and that: "More bombing would prolong the agony of the Syrian people and risk causing a catastrophic war with Russia."

It follows British cruise missiles being fired on Syrian targets in the early hours of Saturday morning (UK time). It formed part of a joint operation with the US and France following the alleged chemical weapons attack by the Syrian regime last Saturday.

Yesterday, a Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday found most voters believe the Prime Minister was wrong to order bombing raids on Syria without parliamentary approval.

It found that 54% opposed the move compared with 30% who backed Mrs May.

But 46% still believed she was better than Mr Corbyn on dealing with an international crisis, with just 26% backing the Labour leader.