SOUTHAMPTON residents are calling for action after dozens of soiled nappies, dumped near a popular beauty spot, lay uncollected for two weeks.

Members of Friends of Riverside Park were “disgusted” after nappies were dumped at Woodmill Lane car park, a few metres from the River Itchen.

The organisation said the foul-smelling rubbish had been left there for 15 days.

Now residents are calling for action.

Arnold Robinson, 73, retired, from Southampton, and a member of Friends of Riverside Park, said: “We asked the council for this to be removed but nothing has happened yet. They are supposed to come here every day but nobody comes.”

Mr Robinson is also calling for the community to respect the environment.

He said:”It’s disgusting. I don’t understand why people do this. When I was young my parents respected the environment and parents nowadays should do the same.

“People who dump the rubbish and leave it like that have no respect at all.”

Southampton City Council said: “We have cleared the nappies.

The recycling bank areas are cleaned two to three times a week and we are increasing the frequency of visits to the site with immediate effect.

“Anyone caught fly-tipping could face prosecution.”