A MAN died after falling down the stairs while getting up to make a cup of tea.

An inquest heard how Michael Jeffery was found at the bottom of the stairs by his wife in the early hours of the morning.

Anne Jeffery said: " I was woken up by an awful crash. I leaped out of bed looking for Michael and found him at the bottom of the stairs.

"He wasn't responding to my calls," she said.

"I think maybe he had got up to make a cup of tea."

Mrs Jeffery quickly called the emergency services who rushed to the home in Westering, Romsey.

The 69-year-old was taken to Southampton General Hospital, where a CT scan revealed that he had a fractured skull and significant trauma to his brain.

He was rushed to surgery, but doctors concluded that he could not survive his injuries.

Mr Jeffrey was taken to the ICU and died surrounded by his family.

Senior Coroner Graham Short said: "We can't say why Mr Jeffery fell because it was unwitnessed.

"It's clear that the impact with the hard floor at the bottom of the stairs was what caused his death."

Mr Short recorded a verdict of accidental death.