A CARE home in a Hampshire village is to close after two decades.

Cottage Farm in Hythe has been supporting residents with learning disabilities for the past 20 years.

Now it will close its doors after social care bosses have reviewed the ways to support people with learning and physical disabilities.

National charity MacIntyre, who has run the care home for the past 20 years, said the closure comes after Hampshire County Council has confirmed it will no longer commission this type of service.

Cllr Liz Fairhurst, Hampshire County Council’s executive member for adult social care, said: “The county council took the decision to no longer place clients at the home as the way people with disabilities wish to live their lives is changing.

"Younger adults in particular increasingly tell us they want to live as independently as possible - moving away from traditional residential care into modern accommodation which better suits their needs and aspirations.

"This has led us to review the way we commission accommodation support, placing much more emphasis on people becoming active members of their local community, and engaging in work and learning in their local area.”

MacIntyre said that reduced funding would not allow the charity to provide an adequate service.

MacIntyre chief executive Sarah Burslem said: “As vacancies occur the income reduces and it is not possible to retain a full and skilled staff team with this reduced funding.

"Any reduction to staff numbers or to the training that staff receive would undoubtedly compromise the safety and quality of the support to those people living at the property and this is not something that MacIntyre can agree to.”

Ms Burslem also added: “It is for this reason that we will be working with people living at the property, their families and councils to secure local, person centred alternative support packages and properties.

"We will do this to the very best of our ability and in a way that is thoughtful and sensitive.”

The charity has not confirmed an exact closure date yet and said at the moment it is more important to find a suitable alternatives for those who currently live at Cottage Farm.

The care home has been providing support to up to five adults with disabilities.

MacIntyre was selected as one the providers to oversee the closure of Tatchbury Mount Hospital 20 years ago.

Cottage Farm was bought to meet the bespoke needs of five elderly people and MacIntyre supported their move from Tatchbury Mount Hospital.