I HAVE to disagree with both of Martin Kyrle’s recent letters regarding decisions made by our local councillors. 

I firmly believe that councillors should represent their community and residents in their ward – why else would we elect them?

With regard to Eastleigh Borough Council’s Local Plan, both my ward councillors completely ignored the concerns raised by Bishopstoke residents.

I, like many others, received no reply to emails sent prior to the council meeting on December 11 and by voting in favour of options B and C, they both totally contradicted the wishes and views of many local people.

In this particular instance they didn’t even have all of the evidence in place before voting.

This isn’t NIMBYism – the amount of new building in Bishopstoke already disproves that theory. 

If these councillors are going to agree with everything the council leader proposes, regardless of anything else, then I propose they are not fit for purpose. We have no voice.

There are local elections in May and I sincerely hope that the electorate remember who truly represents them before putting ‘X’ in the box.

Teresa Ross