Following the fortunes of Nigel Farage this month – his good luck with his pensions forecast from the EU of around £73,000 and ready for taking at the age of 63 will go a long way to consoling his stupidity drawn out this year in the High Court.

Last month Hope Not Hate (a peaceful campaigning organisation whose aims are to create greater harmony in communities) declared a victory against Nigel Farage in the High Court.

His remarks last December in reference to Hope Not Hate being ‘violent and undemocratic’ were a deceitful slur against the organisation and, after costly legal proceedings, he now acknowledges the fact.

It has been confirmed in the media, Farage filed a statement with the high court in London saying he was “happy to acknowledge that Hope Not Hate does not tolerate or pursue violent or undemocratic behaviour” and that he would not repeat the claim.

Hope Not Hate gave him a fair chance to withdraw the comments hence avoiding any legal wrangling. Farage, familiar with other libel actions, ignored the offer.

This should mean the end of the ‘limelight’ for Farage the controversial ex UKIP figurehead.

His disregard for honest and fair political debate cost him around £100,000 in legal fees and means that he should not be trusted when interviewed by the media to give an honest representation of facts.

Joe Cox