A DECISION on whether to hold an inquest for a woman who fell to her death on a busy Hampshire motorway is still to be confirmed.

Hampshire coroners' office say a report of the incident has been lodged by police.

However a spokeswoman added that the decision on whether to hold an enquiry is expected to be made later this week.

The woman, who police have not identified, died on Monday after she fell from St John's Road bridge, near Hedge End, onto the M27.

Witnesses say she she was hit by a silver sports car as she fell.

Police confirmed that she died at the scene of incident, which took place at around 7.40am.

As previously reported in the Echo, a teenager, Thomas Wall, attempted to help the woman before she "jumped".

The 19-year-old was less than a minute into his morning commute yesterday when he spotted a female frantically “pacing” near the edge of the road bridge.

But as the Hedge End resident leapt out of his car to try and help, the woman, described as blonde and middle aged, crossed over the barrier and jumped onto the carriageway below.

Thomas, who works as a customer assistant for Jewson, said: “It was shocking, shocking and terrifying.

“She looked in distress and I thought I would try and do something.

“I just thought it was something every human would do.

Police the woman's next of kin has been informed.

They added that the death is not being treated as suspicious.