FASHIONISTAS are helping to empower women whilst raising money for charity.

Camille Vinuya, Holly Pearson and Ai Lynn Tan organised a 'Women Can Too' charity fashion show to promote gender equality.

The event at Southampton Solent University raised nearly £200 for The Fawcett Society, founded by Dame Millicent Garett Fawcett who led a campaign from 1866 working to allow women to vote.

The cash will go towards the charity's work towards empowering women including its current campaigns for equal pay, improving career opportunities for women, bringing in equal school uniforms for boys and girls and a change in the way female politicians appear in the media with more prominence on what they stand for.

The three fashion management students from Southampton Solent University who organised the event were backed by a team of 20 other student photographers, videographers, hair and makeup, stylists and event assistants.

Holly said: "The team are continuously concerned about the negativity associated with the word ‘feminism’ and used this as an opportunity to celebrate it. This was also a chance to highlight gender equality and how far we have come.

"The purpose of the show was to celebrate women and all their amazing achievement, past and present. We wanted to create an experience for the audience which leaves them feeling empowered and inspired."

For more information on the Fawcett Society visit