BREAKING a world record is often thought to be a hard and onerous task.

But beneficiaries of the Saints Foundation have attempted to do so without even having to stand up.

Participants joined in with a mass seated exercise class in an attempt to beat the current record of 459 people.

Organisers believe they may have just missed the mark with around 360 people turning up to the event at St. Marys.

Senior project officer at Saints Foundation, Paul Hedges, said that the aim of the event was about more than just breaking the record.

He said: "It was great to see so many different people coming together at the event, we would've liked to have beaten the record but it’s about more than just that.

It was an inclusive event that everybody could take part in - the older generation had fun and so did the children."

Before the event there were sporting activities organised for Premier League 4 Sport where children from eight schools attended – they could get involved in tennis, volleyball, boxing and table tennis.

Football sessions were organised for the disabled people who are involved in SaintsAbility+.

Saints Foundation hope that Premier League 4 Sport and SaintsAbility+ will give people opportunities that they otherwise wouldn't have had.

The world record attempt lasted for 30 minutes and involved people using pieces of ribbon to work various muscles in the body.

Instructors started with the feet and toes, working up to the shoulders and arms.

Saints Foundation is an independent charity aligned to Southampton Football Club - it aims to deliver positive change and equality of opportunity for young people and vulnerable adults across Southampton.