RECORDERS of all shapes and sizes took over a Southampton venue as 160 city schoolchildren performed on stage this afternoon.

An audience of 400 proud parents, supporters and music lovers enjoyed a mix of folk and medieval music, including Arabic, Jewish, Polish and Indian pieces, as the youngsters performed alongside renowned early music group Joglaresa.

Central Hall was filled with the sounds of a wide variety of world music from countries as varied as Spain, Turkey, Morocco and Bosnia.

The Recorder Extravaganza featured pupils from Springhill Catholic Primary School, Moorlands Primary School, Shirley Warren Primary School, Shirley Junior School, St Denys Primary School, Valentine Primary School and Mason Moor Primary School, alongside 11 to 18-year-olds from Consort, the leading recorder ensemble for young players in the city.

The talented youngsters performed songs in several different languages, all arranged by Joglaresa director Belinda Sykes.

With medieval harps, fidel, lute, percussion, bagpipes and voices, London based Joglaresa perform stonkingly enjoyable medieval, folk and world music.

The event was a collaboration between Turner Sims, Southampton Music Hub and Southampton Music Service.