HAMPSHIRE Pride took to the streets to celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) culture.

The second annual Hampshire Pride march took place through the streets of Winchester, starting at the university and ending at the Discovery Centre.

Hundreds of people took part in the event which featured speeches and market stalls before the march set off with revellers waving Pride rainbow flags, singing and chanting.

Moira Smyth, one of the co-chairwomen of Hampshire Pride, said: “We were very excited about it but a bit nervous because we wanted it to be true and to ring true with the county as a celebration where everyone feels welcome.

“It used to be called the love that dare not speak its name, but we need to speak up and be proud of who we are because we are beautiful and we have a lot to give and we are going to be giving it.

“Hampshire is a surprisingly tolerant place as long as you don’t shout too loud but people need to say who they are.”

Sarah-Louise Collins, the second co-chairwoman of Hampshire Pride, said: “Events like this are important because people in the community can feel underrepresented, even now you can see a gay couple walking down the high street and they can get harassed so it is important to show solidarity and acceptance.”