Spring has sprung more than a month early as hundreds of daffodils and snowdrops cover a churchyard in the south of England.

The brightly-coloured flowers - a key sign that Spring has began - have blossomed just yards away from a church which was built in 902.

Despite still officially being winter, the 200ft x 200ft area outside St Andrew's Church in Hurstbourne Priors, is completely coated with the 'beautiful' flowers.

Jeremy Goad, 72, who has been the church warden for five years, said it was the earliest he has seen snowdrops and daffodils in the yard.

He said: "We are particularly proud of the snowdrops which can be seen all over our churchyard.

"We try and keep them in a good and healthy condition and we won't cut the grass until May.

"It's the earliest I've seen daffodils and snowdrops blossom here - it's still January and we're still in winter."

Mr Goad, from Hurstbourne Priors, added: "Churchgoers have been commenting and they have said how lovely it is seeing them in the churchyard - it's such a beautiful sight."