HUNDREDS of runners dusted off the cobwebs of 2015 and took over Southampton.

More than 350 people descended on Southampton Common to take part in a New Year’s Day run.

The run took them through five kilometres of muddy tracks with participants including a firemen, youngsters donning their Saints kits and parents pushing along buggies, as well as seasoned runners preparing to take on the marathon later this year.

The event follows the Southampton Park Run’s Christmas Day event which also attracted around 350 people and organisers said it was one of their best events yet.

Event director, John Grant said: “It’s been amazing to see so many people turn out today, we love throwing this event and so many people look forward to it now as we’ve been doing it for a few years.

“I think this is a great example of community spirit being alive in Southampton, you hear these runners, they are cheering everyone on and supporting people they’ve never met before and being social, it’s a great example of what fitness can do for people.”

Run director Kate Budd added: “We have so many people working together to organise this event, around 30 volunteers help to set everything up and guide our runners and some of the runners even join us at the end to clear up.

“It might seem crazy to some people to come out on New Year’s Day for a run but it’s a brilliant atmosphere and everyone loves it, it’s a brilliant event for so many people to take part in.”

Runner Mike Mills, 66 from Totton said: “I have been running since I was 12 and I still love it, the park run is just brilliant because it really promotes that feeling of community. Everyone is so smiley and welcoming and I can’t think of a better way to kick off the New Year than being surrounded by just optimistic people.”