A brand new adaptation of L Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz is on stage at Theatre Royal Winchester tonight ( Friday) and tomorrow.

This new, comic adaption by Oddsocks Productions features new songs, familiar faces and laughs-a-plenty!

Meet Dorothy as you’ve never seen her before. Join Scarecrow, the cowardly Lion and Tin Man as they travel through the weird and wonderful land of Oz, encountering Wet Witches, Flying Monkeys, Poisonous Poppies and a multitude of Munchkins along the way!

The Wizard of Oz became a household name following the 1939 MGM film starring Judy Garland as Dorothy. Since its release over 100 years ago, everyone from The Muppets to Andrew Lloyd Webber has tackled the tale of the Emerald City.

Writer and Producer Elli Mackenzie told the Daily Echo why Oddsocks have chosen to re-tell The Wizard of Oz for an audience today: “To me, the story of Oz is about displacement and inventiveness. It’s a wonderful fantasy-tale of embracing challenges, new surroundings and learning that we all have an inner-resourcefulness and often already have the brain, heart and courage we need. It’s about realising your own potential.

“It’s also great to tell a story with a female role model, as a theatre company we feel a duty to send a message that Dorothy doesn’t have to be ‘just’ pigtails and gingham; she’s brave and kind and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

“We hope that audiences leave the theatre with a slightly bigger heart, positively challenged and perhaps a little braver too. But all the while, having enjoyed a great evening of entertainment shared with friends and family!”

The Wizard of Oz will be at Theatre Royal Winchester on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 February at 7pm with a Saturday matinee at 1.30pm.Tickets are available from theatreroyalwinchester.co.uk and from the Box Office 01962 840 440.