AGATHA Christie turns sleuth to uncover a real life mystery in a new comedy thriller at Salisbury Playhouse.

It opened last night and runs until February 24.

Murder, Margaret and Me by Philip Meeks is about Agatha Christie and Margaret Rutherford, the actress who played Miss Marple in a series of 1960s films.

Agatha and Margaret should never have been friends. But they were. Their paths crossed when they found themselves at the heart of one of British cinema’s most successful franchises. However, the Miss Marple films almost didn’t get made.

Agatha didn’t want Margaret to bring her precious spinster to life and Margaret was mortified at the thought of upsetting her fans with something as sordid as murder. But this wasn’t her only reason for resisting the part. Margaret had a terrible secret. One that she’d lived with for a lifetime.

Murder, Margaret and Me is a story of friendship in the long-lost world of the silver screen. As Agatha and Margaret play tug of war with Marple, Agatha (being a woman who wasn’t without a secret or two herself) unearths the shocking truth buried in Margaret’s past.

Murder, Margaret and Me stars Kate Brown (Betty Marsden in Horne A’Plenty at the White Bear Theatre and appearances in TV’s Doctors) as Agatha, Tina Gray (Dame Pamela Ogden in Tartuffe, Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory) as Spinster and Sarah Parks (whose recent RSC credits include Richard II, Death of a Salesman and Henry V) as Margaret.

The production, which is in association with York Theatre Royal, is directed by Damian Cruden and designed by Dawn Allsopp. Lighting designer is Richard G Jones and the sound designer is Yvonne Gilbert.

Murder, Margaret and Me runs in the Main House to Saturday 24 February.

Tickets can be booked by calling Ticket Sales on 01722 320333 or by visiting