Spamalot The Musical, BATS, The Haymarket

DIRECTOR and choreographer Gary J Myers immaculate version of the musical-pythonesque Spamalot would not look out of place on the West End professional stage.

With an energetic and vibrant ensemble and perfect casting in both cameo and principal roles, this show was so full of detail in dialogue humour, costume, lighting, sound and scenery that "faultless" would almost be too bland a description to encompass all that could be said.

There were standout performances throughout, but special mention must be given to Colin Flaherty as Arthur, Richard Bond as Patsy, David Izzo as Sir Galahad and the diva to out diva all others, Kirsty Kingham as Lady of the Lake.

Neil Streeter conducted a note perfect band full of pizzazz and cast interaction. Highly recommended to Python and musical theatre lovers everywhere.