Farm Boy


The Square Tower, Old Portsmouth

Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse proved to be a worldwide success in book form, on stage and silver screen. This sequel, continuing the tale of Joey, the farm horse that went to France in WW1, finds us generations on, with Albert, sitting and whittling, as his grandson arrives to help on the farm. Using only a variety of basic props and subtle but clever changes of clothing, they relive stories of Joey and Zoey, an old mare, creating both horses in the imagination purely by hand strokes. There are several poignant moments, particularly when Albert admits to being illiterate. With Sean Ridley, as the grandson, and Peter Colley (Grandpa) fittingly cast, their inter-action was perfectly nuanced as they painted vivid images provoking laughter and sadness in equal measure. With clever use of props and Phil D’Souza’s sympathetic sound and lighting in the ancient venue, Director John-Paul McCrohon’s deft touch once again hit the spot. Heart-warming.

Alan Johns