The Magic Flute

Pocket Theatre

Hanger Farm Arts Centre

Pocket took a massive step away from their usual fare of Gilbert and Sullivan to take on this production, an English-language adaptation of Mozart’s opera, although there were similarities between the two genres. As the third show that Katherine Evans has directed for the company, this was undoubtedly her greatest triumph, with the large cast wringing every last drop of humour from the script. Dan Hickson (in fine voice as Prince Tamino) accompanied by Chris Evans (hilarious as Papageno) is set a task to rescue Pamina (Roseanna Bowen excellent on her debut) but their journey faced many obstacles. The large supporting cast were all given their opportunities to shine, with the Three Ladies, (Lisa Axworthy, April Leuscher and Alison Vincent) lively in signposting the way and Annie Tatnall again displaying her admirable vocal talents as The Queen of The Night. Dave Evans’ quartet was excellent, Sue Tatnall’s costumes and Becs Case’s numerous props contributed to an excellent show.

Alan Johns