Di and Viv and Rose

Sway Drama Club

Village Hall, Sway

A gently amusing story of enduring friendships, that started at university in 1976, as housemates. Rose (Sara Woodley) is a bohemian and not especially academic student, who sleeps with any boy she fancies. Di (Michelle Turner) is a sport-mad lesbian, who can’t admit her orientation to her Mum and Viv (Sara Yarwood) is driven by sociological nuances. The bond survives different paths, separation, violence, conflict and bereavement.

It was easy to warm to the characters, as different as they are because of the actors, who skilfully developed their personalities, no doubt with the help of director, Barbara Evans. My favourite was earnest and impassioned Viv, who gave a spirited performance, and showed emotional complexity.

The scenes were interspaced with relevant music from the era and some impressive sound effects. The set worked well and the play had pace and pathos, though the subject matter was not to everyone’s taste.

Rebecca Case