Kelly's Heroes

Swanmore Amateur Dramatic Society

Swanmore Village Hall

Nicki Cresswell marked her directorial debut with a solid production that kept the packed hall chuckling. The seven residents of the care-home slowly revealed their past experiences, useful in the second act. Star of the show was undoubtedly Danny Jeffs as the stuttering manager Mr Maybrick, but top marks also go to Jane Foster as Betty, mischievous and full of anecdotes and Mike Clay as streetwise Reg, a source of knock-off gear, witnessed by his fluorescent shell-suits. Pathos came in the imposing frame of David Norster as Bill, very sensitively played. Lesley Preedy was lively as code-breaker Flo, as were Mike Rich as retired theatre dresser Ron, and Roger Minors as wheelchair-bound Brian. Richard Searle had a lesser-role as fraudster Sid. The supporting cast, including Shauna Rose (Annie), Karen Garside (Sarah), Gail Norris and Brenda Lambert (the nurses) and the confident children (particularly Dexter Synnuck) all added to the fun. Busy prompt. Nice, well-lit set. Good show!

Alan Johns