Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


Kings Theatre, Southsea

Director John-Paul McCrohon was eager to secure the rights to stage this musical and his ambition was well-rewarded by his multi-talented cast and ensemble. Taking the lead-role of Riviera-based con-artist Lawrence Jameson, McCrohon didn’t disappoint, wringing every laugh from the clever script. After initially taking new-kid in town and rival Freddy Benson under his wing, the pair’s attempt to con glamorous ‘heiress’ Christine Colgate (Lauren Kempton) out of $50k became the main storyline. Pete Westmorland’s performance was pure comedy gold, with his wheelchair-bound scenes hilarious and Kempton matched the conniving duo at every turn. In the side-story, Police Inspector Andre Thibault (the suave Danny Owen) hooked up with Muriel Eubanks (Kerry McCrohon) and the two forged a touching partnership. Charlotte Thomas gave an early indication of Jameson’s style with women, dressed in cowgirl outfit, an impressively lively feature as Jolene Oakes. Louise Helyer’s band had real drive and the set was well dressed, lit and costumed. Quality.

Alan Johns