X FACTOR and Strictly Come Dancing have come to mean it's nearly time for Father Christmas to fall down the chimney of TV addicts.

The new year is filled with viewing of questionable celebrities getting sweaty and eating various animal orifices in the Australian jungle on I'm A Celebrity and then, apparently, it's straight into Celebrity Big Brother.

I'm not a huge fan of reality TV, but I did enjoy dancing along with my toddler to the Toy Story themed sequence I tuned into on Strictly last weekend.

Once I got over seeing one of my panto favourites Brian Conley dressed as Buzz Lightyear that is.

I always enjoy the battle of the sexes on The Apprentice, which has just got under way, so I'm a bit baffled.

In the year after Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding caused a furore by getting together with a chap called Chad, who is apparently famous for being on a reality TV show for bachelors in the States, much to the horror of housemates and her secret boyfriend on the outside, is it really wise to split the sexes?

But the rumour is that producers are contemplating launching the first ever women-only Celebrity Big Brother series.

A source is quoted as telling the Sun: "Channel 5 wants to make a real splash as part of their women's vote celebrations. They are keen to cast opinionated women like Germaine Greer over no-mark reality TV girls who look good but have little to say or bring to the conversation. Bosses are expecting cat fights galore, plenty of tension and clashing personalities."

Then in the next breath, the source says some of the rumoured participants include the girl who Wayne Rooney was caught drink driving with, Simon Cowell's ex, a notorious drugs mule and someone from Made in Chelsea.

Not quite Germaine Greer then.

Still, a bit of cat fighting could brighten up the odd dark winter evening.

There's only one way to find out I suppose.

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