WELL I didn't see that one coming.

Boris Johnson's Dad Stanley has touched down in Australia ready to spend several weeks sleeping in the jungle, making friends with all manner of creepy crawlies and eating such delicacies as kangaroo anus and ostrich penis.

And I, for one, think he could be a breath of fresh air on this year's Im A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here.

Producers are no doubt interested in his relationship with his Foreign Secretary son and particularly their opposing views on Brexit, but there's rather more to the 77-year-old than that and I imagine he'll fare rather well in the jungle.

He is a mad-keen conservationist who is especially keen on gorillas and has spent many years tracking them. Greenpeace even gave him an award for outstanding services to animal welfare so I can't imagine a snake or two bothering him a great deal.

Beneath the blustering persona lurks a serious environmentalist and author of political thrillers who also enjoyed a short failed stint as a spy.

The father of six could well give the likes of boxer Amir Khan, Corrie's Jennie McAlpine, former footballer Dennis Wise, ex Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas and Vanessa White from The Saturdays a run for their money.

Last time he appeared on live TV, he got up from the Good Morning Britain sofa and asked Piers Morgan to catch his feet as he performed a rather impressive handstand.

I can only applaud antics like that.

I'm also thrilled to see there is only one Made in Chelsea 'star' in the line-up and I even know the names and career highlights of most of the contestants, apart from the YouTuber Jack Maynard who I am far too old to know anything about.

Don't be surprised if an ageing politician trumps them all and goes on to be crowned King of the Jungle though.

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