THE Eighties has never left our house.

The Dirty Dancing DVD is a regular fixture on the TV and Let's Rock is one of the highlights of the whole year.

Another big favourite from my childhood is Pretty Woman. My sister and I loved to recite every word from this much-loved movie and would almost certainly still score 100 per cent on a trivia quiz around the plot.

I've long thought this modern day rags to riches fairytale of sorts would be a wonderful fit for the stage.

I'm surprised it's taken the theatre powers that be so long, but we finally have our musical, set to open on Broadway in 2018.

If my husband is reading, it is also my 40th birthday next year and I've always fancied returning to New York!

It's the same with any cultural icon. As the generation that first delighted in them ages a little, they are restored to life again. Hence some of the biggest cultural phenomena of my teenage years - the likes of Take That, Ghost, Dirty Dancing and now Pretty Woman - will all have shows touring at the same time.

Starring our very own Samantha Barks who was, as Eponine, the stand-out performer in the film of Les Miserables, Gary Marshall's 1990 movie will feature songs and lyrics written by Bryan Adams.

Barks I should imagine will be brilliant as Vivian, the hooker with a heart who accidentally falls in love with millionaire businessman Edward Lewis and was played by Julia Roberts alongside Richard Gere in the film version.

All the talk in the theatre world is over whether the production will delve into the politics or just stick to the love story.

As long as they nail the shopping scene on Rodeo Drive, where a transformed Vivian laden with designer shopping bags shows up the shop assistant who earlier refused to serve her and I get to hear the Roy Orbison hit a lot, I couldn't care less. There's nothing wrong with a bit of trashy escapism once in a while.

No doubt it will be a huge success and make almost as much money as Lewis Enterprises.

I look forward to seeing it.

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