WHAT a weekend it was for the good people of Hampshire.

Neon as far as the eye could see on The Common as 12 fantastic retro acts took to the stage at Let's Rock.

That sandwiched between a couple of top evenings at the Ageas Bowl for the appearances of the Crooner from Vancouver Bryan Adams and pre-teeny bopper favourites Little Mix.

Blissfields brought us the very best of new music with everything from Sundara Karma to the Cinematic Orchestra to DJ Yoda.

And New Forest Festival saw the likes of Show of Hands grace the stage of the small and friendly festival with the big line-up.

Something for everyone then I think.

I spent the weekend flitting from place to place and had a great time seeing some fantastic live music, but the undoubted highlight for me was the festival that fashion forgot.

There's such a fantastic fun-filled atmosphere at Let's Rock every year. I loved Chesney Hawkes getting the party started, a bit of Spandau Ballet from Tony Hadley was utterly brilliant and my best bit was a hit-packed half hour from an old favourite, Belinda Carlisle.

Every year I wonder how they're going to come up with a line-up as good as the previous year's and every year they somehow manage to drag someone up from the 80s that I had forgotten about, but loved.

Surely they must be running out of 80s legends?

The music has started creeping into the 90s. Incredibly, The One and Only was released in 1991 and at the 2016 event there was plenty of early 90s stuff from Jason Donovan.

The late 80s and into the 90s are more my era, so I'm happy, but I trust the lovely people at Let's Rock to come up with a blinding bill for 2018 just as they have the past four years.

And, to be honest, no-one in the crowd cares. As long as they can wear a wig, a George Michael tribute t-shirt and sun visor, carry a giant inflatable mobile phone, drink a dozen cocktails and party like they're a teenager to the songs made famous when they were a teenager, everyone is happy.

Bring on next year!

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