Questioning everything I do as a parent, carrying around an awful lot of guilt about who knows what, and worrying constantly about my daughter, seems to be what I do all day every day. So this is my new mantra…Don’t be too hard on yourself, the mum in E.T. had an alien living in her house for days and didn’t notice!

As we’re in wedding season you might be trawling the list for a gift that you can afford, I always like to get something quite personal for the couple rather than a toaster or a hand towel in magenta pink. But a couple in Holland were surprised by their friends when they arrived home from honeymoon to find their house transformed….into a zoo! 15 bales of hay had been scattered through their home, there were hens and rabbits roaming the living room and kitchen, and in the bath were a load of goldfish. Does that sound like a great prank or the worst wedding present ever?

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