WELL I think it's fair to say that Glastonbury 2017 was an absolute stonker.

It had it all. Johnny Depp threatening the President of the United States, David Beckham upsetting the little people, political rallying from Jeremy Corbyn and celebs aplenty snogging backstage.

And that's before we even mention the music.

Ed Sheeran wasn't everyone's cup of tea judging by the comments on social media, but I thought he pitched the Sunday night mood pretty perfectly. Plus I can't help but imagine him zorbing around the site just like he did in Bridget Jones's Baby.

I was glued to the sets from Foo Fighters, Kaiser Chiefs, Chic and even a brilliant turn from Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees from the comfort of my sofa.

And it seems the organiser of the world's biggest party is already regretting his decision to take a year out next year.

Just a few hours after the announcement that 2018 will be a fallow year, Michael Eavis was already having second thoughts.

He told the Guardian: "There's one band I want to re-form - if they re-form, I'll change my mind."

It rather begs the question, who is it he is so desperate to book?

Of course, Eavis wouldn't be drawn, apart from stating the obvious that it's not One Direction, so we can draw our own conclusions.

My first thought was Oasis, but a reunion of the warring Gallagher brothers is looking less likely than ever with Noel not keen on making things up with his little brother. Our kid Liam played a rip-roaring set on the Other Stage with not a sign of the rumoured appearance of the band's songwriting force. His set featured an acoustic version of Oasis’ Don't Look Back In Anger, which was almost certainly a less than subtle dig at his sibling.

The Smiths famously tore up the Pyramid Stage back in 1984, but they're on even worse terms than Liam and Noel over a legal wrangle. Plus vegan Morrissey is not keen on performing on a dairy farm.

Led Zepellin would make sense. Robert Plant has posted a cryptic recent message about the legendary rockers and 2018 would have marked their 50th anniversary.

Isle of Wight Festival bosses will be hoping it doesn't happen though as they've already named the date for 2018 and waded in on Glastonbury's weekend.

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