IT’S summer fete season and I for one can’t wait to get along and play tombola or hook a duck for a prize. I have however been disappointed in the past at the prize I’ve picked up. It was a village fayre and I bought a few tickets for the tombola and was overjoyed to see my number end in a 5. I remember scanning the table for a matching ticket but being ever so slightly disappointed at the tin of value curry sauce I was able to take home. I reckon Mum’s across the country see being asked to donate something to the raffle as an excuse to have a bit of a clear out. I’m sure I’ve seen tinned Haggis, a bottle of milk and some out of date Matey bubble bath there for the taking. We talked about this issue on the show this week and were shocked when Emma called to say that her daughter whilst at a school fete won an urn for ashes, luckily it was empty.

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