THERE'S been a sharp rise in the number of so-called "kidult" toys being sold in the shops. Lego and action figures are no longer just the domain of eight-year-olds. For every 11 toys sold one will be bought for an adult. And I can see how this would happen, I had my parents to stay last weekend and caught my dad getting engrossed in a set of Cinderella Lego. And I was majorly annoyed when my mum told me to hang on because she had to finish her Play-Doh pizza.

I thought I'd done the hard work when I signed up to do the Great South run a couple of weeks ago, but it would seem that I also have to train for the 10 mile run. How does anybody get inspired to do this? I'm used to running about 2 miles every few months but having checked a 10 week training plan it would seem that I have to run a little bit further and a little more often. Can I not not just don my trainers and run up the stairs?

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