ARE you thinking of having a spring clean? Don't get rid of anything because that stuff could earn you money. A new website called Fat Lama has been called the "Airbnb for stuff" and I think it's absolutely brilliant. It enables householders to rent out or borrow everything and anything. So if you're having a big garden party you could hire a set of garden chairs and a gazebo from someone in your area. There are lots of other bizarre things on there too, if you had a dog turn up unexpectedly you could hire a metal dog cage for just £5 a day. And just in case you fancied trying to play the tenor horn you could have one for £65. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes you could rent a dear stalker hat for just £10 a day...

This week we went to see the children's favourite, The Very Hungry Caterpillar at Winchester Theatre Royal. How fantastic to see this story come to life. It's a bit of a different experience though, going to the theatre with three and four-year-olds. I wonder if we adults should take a leaf out of their book and just shout what we think at the actors. A little girl with us really couldn't wait to see the little green bug and asked in rather a loud voice when he was coming on stage, every 30 seconds for approximately 40 minutes. How the players on stage didn't crack up I'll never know.

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