BROADCHURCH is in hot water it seems. But I don't think the producers will be too concerned.

A cup of tea has this week been the major TV talking point for the Twitterati, which can only be a good thing.

The fact viewers were even bothering to be disgusted by how David Tennant made a cup of tea on the brilliant Broadchurch shows that there is little to complain about on the schedule currently.

I know we are supposedly a nation of tea lovers and messing with a cuppa is seen as some sort of sin, but I can't say I even noticed the faux pas.

That said, it wasn't the most gripping episode of the normally must see show. That meant I was busy gazing at my mobile phone rather than concentrating. And it wasn't just me.

Viewers took a break from wondering who attacked Trish Winterman (Corrie's Julie Hesmondhalgh) and why virtually every man in Broadchurch appears decidedly shifty to express their shock at DI Alec Hardy warming up a mug of tea in a microwave.

Everyone was far more offended by that than him being mean to DI Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) as usual.

It just goes to show how great the current TV schedule is.

With the football season in full swing and throwing up some cracking matches and work taking me to some brilliant shows and gigs, I'm currently stockpiling shows, but couldn't resist a peek at a couple of gems.

The Replacement, the psychological thriller about a woman who becomes paranoid about the motives of her maternity cover, made compulsive viewing.

Homeland, an old favourite, has still not returned to its former glories, but is definitely worth a watch.

And Line of Duty, the compelling drama about the investigations of AC12, a controversial Police Anti-Corruption Unit, is also back soon.

There's treats galore for viewers.

And if a stewed cup of tea is all we've got to boil with rage over, I'm happy.

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