I can’t decide if I feel liberated or scared after a week without my phone. I had the misfortune of dropping it in a swimming pool at my daughter's lesson, it went in slow motion as I sat beside the water and dropped my phone on the floor. It bounced on the floor and created a small splash and a big shout from me as it sank. Bless the instructor Julie who fished it from the bottom of the pool. I put it in a bag of rice in the airing cupboard like everyone says, but it left me feeling like I was missing something wherever I went. We’re so reliant on them aren’t we? I say with certainty that I only spend seconds away from my screen each day. My little un got nothing when she asked to have it for a car journey and so we had to have a conversation and sing our favourite songs, that was definitely a positive. It was nice to go to sleep with no text messages coming through and I quite enjoyed waking up with an old school bell alarm clock. But I struggled with standing in a queue and waiting for a mate in town as I looked so uncomfortable with two seconds to myself and nothing to ease the boredom.

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