CONQUERING the charts isn't enough for Ed Sheeran it seems.

Hollywood is beckoning for the singer songwriter, or so he hopes.

He wants to make a film, write the soundtrack for it and star in it, he told the Sun in an interview this week.

I do wonder if he got a little flushed with the success of his cameo in Bridget Jones's Baby.

The scenes, in which Bridget and her pal Miranda fail to recognise the celebrated singer when he steps up for a selfie until he's wowing thousands at a festival, were utterly brilliant. Him and Miranda (the superb Sarah Solemani) zorbing across the campsite was another definite laugh out loud moment.

But, on the other hand, everything he touches does seem to turn platinum at the moment.

The news comes days after Sheeran released his highly anticipated third album ÷ (Divide), which is already on track to become the biggest selling album of the year.

He's keen to dream up a rom com akin to the likes of Notting Hill, in which a world famous movie star falls in love with the owner of a small time London bookshop or Once, a modern day musical love story of an Irish street musician and a Czech immigrant during an eventful week.

Sheeran is no stranger to acting. In 2015 he appeared as an “ambitious and deadly protege of a church elder” in multiple episodes of medieval drama The Bastard Executioner. The series was cancelled after a single season, following poor reviews.

His part in the film The Beatles: Eight Days A Week ended up on the cutting room floor.

Some will wonder if he should just stick to what he's good at, but I admire his creativity.

He's a talented lad and, of course, he has the money to invest in a little hobby.

Plus, surely someone needs to take over from Hugh Grant as the awkward English romantic lead.

Don't be surprised if Ed adds Hollywood mogul to his rather impressive repertoire.

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