I was blown away last week by the light show outside the new bit of West Quay. The projection onto the old walls with the story of Southampton was absolutely fantastic. My four- year- old has never sat still enough to watch anything like that but was enthralled. On Thursday we went for a lovely dinner at one of the new restaurants, Wahaca and had a great time, but it just made me wonder if they would or could put the light installation back in. It was such a draw, hundreds of people there to see the show and enjoying our wonderful city, imagine if they could put it on every weekend.

I watch the BRITs religiously every year and love all the artists that are pulled together for the show. This year was full of big moments, the George Michael tribute from Chris Martin, Robbie Williams getting the Icon award and Katy Perry with her little dancing houses. But my stand out moment was hearing Bradley Walsh on the red carpet say that he was very much looking forward to seeing Hawaiian Bruno Mars perform because he’s a fan of Ham and pineapple pizza (A Hawaiian).

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