HUGH Grant giving it some to The Pointer Sisters as he plays probably the best Prime Minister of all time who will not be bullied by America as we have Harry Potter and David Beckham's right foot.

Every young beauty in the entire United States of America falling in love with Colin from Basildon, played by Kris Marshall.

Bill Nighy in an hysterical turn as Billy Mack, the foul-mouthed, inappropriate, ageing has-been who bags a Christmas Number One.

Porn star stand ins John and Judy (Martin Freeman and Joanna Page) whose awkward courtship is littered with scenes of them talking about traffic as they have fake sex.

And downtrodden Sarah taking a moment to jump for joy when she finally makes a move on her work beau at the office Christmas party.

Lobsters. Everyone kissing everyone else in various airports around the world.

Love Actually is one of my favourite films of all time. Since its release in 2003, the British rom com has become a modern holiday classic.

Centred around various relationships that evolve over the festive season, Love Actually drew fans in with its host of comedy and heartfelt moments.

Speculation has long raged over the fate of the characters in the Richard Curtis classic.

Just a year ago, script editor Emma Freud sated some fans with a scattering of answers. Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson remain unhappily married, Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln never get together but their weird love triangle remains, but the young drummer and his first love do.

Although Richard Curtis said he'd never write a sequel, we do finally get to luxuriate in a mini sequel, which will be screened as part of Red Nose Day in a month's time.

In my mind, Colin is sure to have outstayed his welcome in the States before being deported after Donald Trump became President.

Liam Neeson is bound to have found love again in the arms of Claudia Schiffer.

Hopefully, the slightly weird love triangle has has run its course.

Jamie and Aurelia (Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz) will be living it up on the Algarve.

And please please please say the ex-PM is still madly in love with his rough round the edges former housekeeper Natalie (Martine McCutcheon). Perhaps their kids can play the lobsters in this year's nativity.

After all, there were plenty at the birth of baby Jesus.

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