I'M certainly not one for using 140 characters to sum up political policy like the Leader of the Free World seems to be.

But for less serious subjects, it can be great fun.

In case you somehow didn't know, Piers Morgan recently revealed that he has done what no human being should ever do and refused to read even a sentence of any of the Harry Potter books.

After falling out with author JK Rowling, he explained he has never had the joy of imagining The Sorting Hat in action, laughed at the antics of The Weasley Twins or gasped at the ups and downs of the Triwizard Tournament. He's never read a word - not even to his kids.

Following the revelation, the journalist and TV presenter was shown up in spectacular style by his own son.

Spencer Morgan told the world he was a huge Potterhead by tweeting a selfie in which he showed off a necklace and even a matching tattoo inspired by the much-loved series of wizarding books.

It follows his father's feisty social media spat with JK Rowling over President Donald Trump's US travel policies and all got rather awkward.

Some genius fan of Harry and Hogwarts reacted in an even more hilarious manner.

Simon Key of North London bookshop Big Green has responded by tweeting every single line of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to the Good Morning co-host bit by bit.

He's already topped 500 bitesize chunks out of a potential 32,567 – and that's just the first book out of seven.

While pretty labour intensive, I imagine it's done business no harm. I don't suppose the shop has ever been so busy, conversely meaning that he probably won't have as much time to Tweet.

But, before long, Potterheads will be boarding The Knight Bus to pay JK Rowling's biggest advocate a visit.

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