VALENTINE’S day is coming up and I couldn’t be less interested. It’s a day for companies to make money out of couples. If I was in a couple I’d be quite happy with a picture of a bear on a card, but any more than that makes me a bit queasy. I don’t want roses on the day that everyone else says you should give. I don’t want to go to a restaurant for a token meal that has its price inflated 50 times, only to sit amongst other ‘romantic couples’ who just look bored of each other’s company. This year I shall be making sausage casserole and having an early night with EastEnders on the telly, now that’s love.

Those new year’s resolutions really are a distant memory now aren’t they? I reckon I’ve eaten cake every day this week and a mate of mine, Cara, reckons you can tell it’s February just by the ease of getting a parking space at the gym again after the initial January rush.

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