WE apparently waste four days every year trying to find a parking space and I think I know why. Especially in this horrible rainy weather we’re having, no one wants to park too far from the shop door so we all wait in the rows of traffic closest to the store so we don’t get wet running in. But this inevitably means we waste the time in our car waiting for someone to come out of a space. It’s not like on the telly is it, where they pull into the car park and immediately spot somewhere to put their vehicle.

Aren’t the experts great? They have been beavering away and have now come up with a revelation, how to get kids to eat their veg. Forget all the fights and tantrums at the dinner table you’ve ever had, they know the answer. All you have to do is put the same vegetable, they suggest kale, on their plate every day for 15 days. They say that by the two week point they will begin to actually like it. This sounds like a dream especially when I compare it to what happens in our house, and I’d love to know how they got them to even taste it on day one, day two, day three, day four, day five…….

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